Circular Floor Grommets

The circular floor grommets are designed to close any circular cable exit from the raised floor.

Circular floor grommets are available either surface mount for existing environments or integral for new installations.

An intrinsically more efficient seal...

The circular surface-mount cable seal consists of a single brush spiral and a holder. The geometry of the brush provides an intrinsically more efficient seal, completely surrounding the cables. Additionally, polygonal filaments are used which nest and interlock to provide a more effective brush seal than brushes constructed with ordinary round filaments

The AJ series include a single-piece holder for new installations where cables have not yet been installed. The surface-mount cable seals come with a two-piece holder enabling installation around existing cable. For enhanced security a version can be supplied with a 2 in long PVC pipe to provide edge protection (EP).

Available in 2 sizes to cover the maximum hole diameters of 114mm and 171mm (4.5” and 6.75”) surface and integral versions.

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