EcoLight T5 Series

EcoLight® T5 Series is designed to retrofit into old fluorescent systems.

The EcoLight® T5 Series is designed to retrofit into old fluorescent systems, resulting in a high rate of Energy Saving (up to 52%). It provides the best solution to upgrade old type fittings using Electromagnetic Ballast to the very latest T5 electronic ballast technology and T5 florescent lamp technology. FE & FU Model comply with T8, T9, T10 and T12 fluorescent lamp and provide numerous immediate and lasting benefits including: energy saving, quick installation, better light quality, eye protection as well as high power factor.

Electricity running cost reduced by up to 52%
(Dependant on operation)

T5 is a new standard in fluorescent lamps that has come to the market with a complete new set of dimensions and control gear, which are not interchangeable with T8 to T12. There are considerable benefits to using this technology in relation to Cost, Quality & Environmental issues. EcoLight® T5 Series is an interface between these systems using a 'fixture in fixture' concept.

The patented design is created by fitting a standard T5 fluorescent tube on a slim lightweight aluminum housing to form a complete unit. No starter is required and installation is as easy as replacing a normal fluorescent tube.

Product Benefits:

  • Electricity bills reduced by up to 52%
  • Light quality increased
  • No browning at FL ends
  • Enhanced colour: no lumen loss
  • Lamps lifetime extended
  • Reversible retrofitting
  • 3 Year warranty
  • Short payback period
  • Preheated start: no surge
  • High Power Factor >0.98
  • Low harmonic distortion <20%
  • No flickering
  • User friendly
  • Quiet operation

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