Independent Integrated Systems Test (IST)

Providing audits for a wide range of clients

AJ+2 work with clients to provide audits at a number of levels - for technical staff right through to the board level. In most situations we tailor our Data Centre audit reports to meet client's exact requirements and address specific issues or concerns.

A list of typical key areas that would be considered for and audit are shown below:

  • Site location
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Data Centre layout
  • Resilient services (data, power and water)
  • Building design, structure and adjacencies
  • Mechanical and electrical plant
  • Age of system
  • Functionality
  • Maintenance regime
  • Scalability and flexibility
  • Capacity
  • Remaining serviceable life
  • Power supplies
  • UPS, generator/s and transformers
  • Wiring
  • Risk
  • Hidden costs
  • Data Centre management
  • Data Centre security
  • Data Centre and operational strategy
  • Provide detailed report of findings
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Summarise ways to improve and enhance the facility

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