Floor Grommets

Floor grommets are designed to close any cable exit from the raised floor.

They are available either surface mount for existing environments or integral for new installations. Custom Sizes are available.

Energy Efficient

40% of total energy costs of any data centre are due to cooling. Small and simple thermal improvements create significant functional and cost savings – all with low investment costs and return from investment within 3-6 months.

Cool balance consists of a ABS plastic frame containing nylon brushes with Dyna-Seal and a specially integrated internal barrier that seamlessly wraps around cables and other equipment that is inserted through the openings in the data centre raised floor. The opening sealed means that no valuable cooled air can escape. This clever but simple solution can increase the efficiency of your datacentre cooling, and increase the effectiveness of your cooling systems and result in significant energy savings.

Available either surface mount for existing environments and integral for new builds.

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