Products and services

  • floor grommets

    Floor Grommets

  • circular floor grommet

    Circular Floor Grommets

  • IT Load Emulators

    IT Load Emulators

  • raised floor tile lifter

    Raised Floor Tile Lifter

  • EcoLights


  • Data Centre Mobile Work Station

    Data Centre Work Station

  • Server Lifters

    Server Lifters

  • DataFlow Baffle System

    DataFlow Baffle System

  • DataFlow Blanking Panels

    DataFlow Blanking Panels

  • Foam Strips and Solutions

    Foam Strips and Solutions

  • Raised Floor Services

    Raised Floor Services

  • Brush Strip Sealing Systems

    Brush Strip Systems

  • Technical Services

    Technical Services

  • Coming Soon

    Coming soon!

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